The following scientific papers providing more details about CONCERTO project technologies have been presented at various conferences and workshops during the first two years of the project and are available for download:

Feasibility Intervals for Homogeneous Multicores, Asynchronous Periodic Tasks, and FJP Schedulers
Vincent Nelis, Patrick Meumeu Yomsi, Joel Goossens

Two Protocols to Reduce the Criticality Level of Multiprocessor Mixed-Criticality Systems
François Santy, Gurulingesh Raravi, Geoffrey Nelissen, Vincent Nelis, Pratyush Kumar, Joël Goossens, Eduardo Tovar

Optimal Procrastination Interval for Constrained Deadline Sporadic Tasks upon Uniprocessors
Muhammad Ali Awan, Patrick Meumeu Yomsi, Stefan M. Petters

A Reusable Modular Toolchain for Automated Dependability Evaluation
Leonardo Montecchi, Paolo Lollini, Andrea Bondavalli

Limited Pre-emptive Global Fixed Task Priority
José Marinho, Vincent Nélis, Stefan M. Petters, Marko Bertogna, Robert Davis

Task Assignment Algorithms for Two-type Heterogeneous Multiprocessors
Gurulingesh Raravi, Björn Andersson, Konstantinos Bletsas, Vincent Nelis

Non-preemptive scheduling of Real-Time Software Transactional Memory
António Barros, Luis Miguel Pinho

On the Scheduling of Fork-Join Parallel/Distributed Real-Time Tasks
Ricardo Garibay-Martínez, Geoffrey Nelissen, Luis Lino Ferreira, Luís Miguel Pinho

Towards a Runtime Verification Framework for the Ada Programming Language
André de Matos Pedro, David Pereira, Luís Miguel Pinho, Jorge Sousa Pinto

Towards Holistic Analysis for Fork-Join Parallel/Distributed Real-Time Tasks
Ricardo Garibay-Martínez, Luis Lino Ferreira, Geoffrey Nelissen, Luis Miguel Pinho

Two Generalisations of Roşu and Chen's Trace Slicing Algorithm A
Clemens Ballarin

Temporal Isolation with Preemption Delay Accounting
José Marinho, Vincent Nélis, Stefan M. Petters

Multi-criticality Hypervisor for Automotive Domain
João Serra, João Rodrigues, Tony R. O. Almeida, A. Paulo Coimbra

SPRINT: Extending RUN to Schedule Sporadic Tasks
Andrea Baldovin, Geoffrey Nelissen, Tullio Vardanega, Eduardo Tovar

Allocation of Parallel Real-Time Tasks in Distributed Multi-core Architectures supported by an FTT-SE Network
Ricardo Garibay-Martínez, Geoffrey Nelissen, Luis Lino Ferreira, Luis Miguel Pinho

In addition, the following links are provided for CONCERTO papers and articles made available exclusively through other publication outlets:

Task assignment algorithms for two-type heterogeneous multiprocessors (Awarded Outstanding Paper)
Gurulingesh Raravi, Bjorn Andersson, Konstantinos Bletsas, Vincent Nelis

Hardware-Software Allocation Specification of IMA Systems For Early Simulation
Horváth, A.; Hegedüs, A.; Búr, M.; Varró, D.; Starr, R.R.; Mirachi, S.

Executable Models to Support Automated Software FMEA
Valentina Bonfiglio, Leonardo Montecchi, Francesco Rossi, Paolo Lollini, András Pataricza, Andrea Bondavalli

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